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MP Sonic, as a brand 1stly set up by Mr.Park in Korea who has been focusing in welding & cutting technology for over than 40 years, is knew well for the profession and reliability of the   machines designed and made by it. MP Sonic keeps being devoted into the R&D in technology and procedure of welding and cutting. Especially the technology and application concerned to ultrasonic, linear vibration friction welding, hot platen heating, infrared heating, laser welding, spin friction welding, etc.

CNZHENBO as the only factory of MP Sonic in China, has provided technical support and service to many industries such as automotive manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing industry, electronics making industry, medical consumable material making industry, aerospace industry, etc. Read more>>



Ultrasonic Welder ZB-E1542

Ultrasonic Welder ZB-E1542



MP Sonic provide equipment and service to industry concerned to vehicle development and manufacturing. The most technologies applied in automotive industry from MP Sonic including ultrasonic welding & cutting, vibration welding, infrared welding, spin welding, hot plate welding, laser welding, etc.


MP Sonic provide various technology involving welding and cutting for the production of house hold appliance, especially for its assembling, because of its advantages of high efficiency, air-tightness and strange strength. Basing different welding or cutting/punching procedure, it can provide industries with manual or automatic equipment according to requirement.


To medical consumable products, the most important requirement is clean with no pollution to products and precision control. The application of technology mostly included but not limited


Now this is a fashion society, all people like beauty cloths, jacket, trousers, shoes, etc. Garment now is not only fashion, but also in functional features, protection against the cold, windproof, anti-UV, rainproof, etc. Various changing aesthetics and differential function requirement by clients , as well as the fast updated replacement in fashion styles and material, makes it can not meet the garment production demands by traditional procedure, especially besides seaming sewing arts and cold cutting is far from enough demand by garment production.


We are Zhejiang Zhenbo Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., a Wenzhou based manufacturer and supplier.We are Zhejiang Zhenbo Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., a Wenzhou based manufacturer and supplier.

MP Sonic Technical

CNZHENBO | MP Sonic is devoted in the R&D of technique of welding & cutting procedure and industrial automation.We design and manufacture equipment and system related to ultrasonic welding and cutting, vibration welding, infrared welding, hot plate welding, spin welding, laser welding, etc. The most technology we develop is for the after process of plast parts regarding to parts assembly.

Plastic welding, as a method of plastic parts assembling, applying the common thermoplastic jointing principle,by which two molten thermoplastic parts become re-solidified to achieve jointing under pressure. Comparing to screw fixing assembling, thermoplastic welding is in advantage of air-tightness, and comparing glue sticking, it is in advantage of high joining strength and high production ratio, etc.

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