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15KG Vibration Welding Machine

Small Vibration Welding Machine

Small Vibration Welding Machine


MSV-515LS is a vibration welder in the smallest specification designed & made by CNZHENBO | MP Sonic. Vibration welding machine is in advantage of high welding ability and excellent welding result (read about VW via USW). MSV-515LS applies one set of electrical magnetic with one pair of vibration spring. Its vibration loading ability for upper welding jig is max to 15KG. Machine linear vibration frequency is max to 280Hz. 
MSV-515LS applies servo hydraulic system to force welding in high clamp force, high precision and high action speed. Machine is applied for thermoplastic joining which is over than ultrasonic welding ability. MSV-515LS is mostly applied to welding high level brake lamp of automotive, mirror signal indicator, fog lamp, filters, etc.

I Main Features:
1. Automatic frequency tuning;
2. Programmable welding process control;
3. Vacuum and pneumatic clamp function designed;
4. Welding depth is close-loop controlled in high precision;
5. MP Sonic specially designed servo systems applied for fast motion, high precision, low noise, economical hydraulic consumption;
6. Safety protection all around;
7. MP Sonic intelligent operation system with multiple function including: 
    A. Formula system;
    B. Automatic operation supervision;
    C. Manual operation;
    D. Welding output graphic supervision;
    E. Welding record;
    F. I/O supervision;
    G. Alarm record;
    H. Daily record;
    I. Machine initial setting;
    J. Password account management;
    K. Data download port;
    L. Welding result judgement system;
    M. MES system;
    N. I-cloud remote system.

II. Optional Features:
1. Pure electric welding control;
2. SPC system by industrial computer.

III. Benefit:
1. High welding ability over than ultrasonic welders;
2. Economical investigation to equipment and maintenance;
3. Take up small space;
4. Stable and perfect welding performance;
5. Long term duration;
6. Intelligent operation system meeting complex requirement for management.

IV. Specification Table:



Vibration Head

Weight upper tool

15 Kg

Welding area(approx. / for PP)


Amplitude(peak to peak)

0.51.8  mm


220280 Hz


Machine Size  (mm):


Operation Window (mm):


Drive Platen (mm):


Lift Table  (mm):


Table stroke/Max.

300 mm

Height Space for Jig Max to:

500 mm

Table speed

 250 mm/s

Clamp force

8 KN


 1500 kg

Sound pressure level



Power consumption

13 KVA

Maximum Power/Out Put

5.5 Kw

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