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Servo Ultrasonic Welder
  • Servo Ultrsonic Welder
  • Servo Ultrsonic Welder
  • Servo Ultrsonic Welder

Servo Ultrasonic Welder


MSP-S series ultrasonic welder is newly designed ultrasonic plastic welding machine designed by MP Sonic.China, CNZHENBO, with multiple advanced function, including timing weld control, pressure force trigger control, depth control, energy control, welding process visualization graph supervision, amplitude control, welding record, multiple protection, etc.

Machine applies MP Sonic advanced IGBT ultrasonic system to finish welding. Servo motor is applied to force and control welding, welding depth is close-loop controlled by in high precision. 

I. Features:

1) Trigger Mode: A. Time; B. Pressure; C. Depth; C. I/O;

2) Welding Phase control: Relay+Welding #1+Welding #2+Hold;

3) Welding Mode: A. Time; B.Energy; C.Depth;

4) Amplitude: 0~100% adjustable;

5) Pressure: A.Stable pressure; B.Changeable Pressure;

6) Graph Supervision to welding process: Welding Power + Welding Pressure;

7) Formula Feature: store welding parameters for different parts to be welded;

8) Clamp Feature:Set clamp action basing on operation condition;

9) Record: A. Welding record; B. Alarm Record; C. Operation Record;

10) Tooling Adjust Page: for set welding tooling (moving distance, moving speed & relay time);

11) Ultrasonic Test Feature: tuning to get resonance with amplitude setting;

12) Authorization: set authorization right for different operator account;

13) Hand-Injury-Prevention: during operation, if hand put on base jig, machine head will move backward (upward) to avoid hand injury.

II. Benefit:

1. Advanced machine features design;

2. Intellegent ultrasonic system by MP Sonic.Korea Standard;

3. Anti-resonace designed system realize power output under high loading;

5. Stable and precision machine performance;

6. Human safety prorection (hand detection system);

7. Excellent performance for challenging ultrasonic welding requirement.

III. Specification:

1. Power Source: 220V, 1P, AC, 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source (if Pneumatic clamps on welding tooling): 0.5MPa;

3. Ultrasonic Frequency: 15KHz;, 20KHz

4. Ultrasonic Power: 2600~4200W;

5. Machine Size: 443*68*1275 (mm);

6. Generator Size: 465*192*260(mm);

7. Machine Weight: About 120KG.