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Robotic Working Station

Robotic Working Station

Because of its programmable operation, robot system is easily applied to realize automation to industrial production, which efficiently improve management and production efficiency and reduce cost, especially can help minimum the human labor investment. To help customer improve its production line basing on the progress of market demand, MP Sonic designs and manufacturing automatic or semi-automatic assembly production applying robotic system combining with different process technology, such as ultrasonic welding & cutting, milling, punching, clamping, water jet, laser cutting or welding, etc.

MP Sonic robot application technology mostly applied to set working station for automotive industry, such as interior & exterior assembly, house-appliance industry, bathroom device industry, plastic parts molding production, etc.

The Most Application:

1.      Robotic Ultrasonic Process Station, including ultrasonic sport welding, ultrasonic staking, ultrasonic cutting (trimming), ultrasonic punching, ultrasonic scoring weakening;

2.      Robotic Milling Process Station, including high speed milling scoring, milling weakening, milling trimming, etc;

3.      Robotic Laser Process Station, mostly including laser welding, laser cutting / scoring, etc;

4.      Robotic Water Jet, applies water jet system to cut or trim material;

5.      Robotic transportation/shifting.

MP Sonic select robotic system specification basing on requirement, (reach distance, precision, weight loading ability, brand, etc)

Ultrasonic Scoring Station