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Heat Riveting Machine

Automotive Door Trim Heat Staking Machine

Automotive Door Trim Heat Staking Machine


MSR-MC100S is a servo heat staking machine designed by MP Sonic. China for the riveting of automotive door trim. Machine applies servo motor to control stacking tooling motion and force riveting.Machine designs with stacker heating control systems max to 100 bosses, covers almost the specification of automotive inner door panel.

I. Benifit:

•Elevation pure electrical servo: fast & precision motion control with high torque for welding force;
•Pre-deformation design, high stability in performance;
•Standard machine specification design covers almost all automotive door trim size;
•Intelligent management: by MP Sonic Intelligent operation system
•MES system for management by network and remote service by i-cloud system.
II. Features:

    1. Servo Control;

    2. Programmable Staking Process Cycle;

    3. Air blower circuit for cooling the riveting points;

    4. Pneumatic solenoid valves for Stacking tooling action;

    5. Safety protection system all around;

    6.Ball bearings mechanism for tooling change-over;

    7. Interlock mechanical system for stacking tooling change-over;

    8. Intelligent operation system;

    9. MES system.

III. Specification:  

Model MSR-MC100S
Measurement L2300*W1300*H2340 (mm)
Size for Stacking Tooling  L1280*W1100*H550 (mm)
Power Supply 380V, 3P, 50/60Hz, AC
Weight: 860KG
Air Source 0.6MPa
Control Power Supply 24V, DC
Power 16KW
Temperature Range 0~300
Staking Points Max to 100 Points