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Servo Hot Plate Welding Machine

Servo Hot Platen Welder MSH-6550S

Servo Hot Platen Welder MSH-6550S


MSH-6550s is a servo controlled hot plate welding machine in medium specification which developped basing on MSH-6550. Machine applies, applying servo motor system to control hot platen welding tooling motion and force welding. The upper fixture and lower fixture motion is guided by linear with gear bar mechanisms in precision and stability, and the hot platen motion is guided by linear ways in precision.

Machine welding area is max to 600*400 (mm), which covers most specification of plastic parts. Comparing MSH-6550, MSH-6550S can realize the welding depth digitally set on HMI and welding process steps control in high prcision. MSH-6550S is applied for parts welding with high requirement and some challenging material requesting high motion speed.

I. Standard Features:

1. Fast motion speed and high motion precision, programmable welding process in steps control, the speed, motion distance and pressure is settable independently at different motion steps to fit for different material characteristics of parts design;

2. Formula system for welding parameters storage;

3. Heating temperature PID control in accuracy and stability;

4. Welding record for production history checking;

5. Programmable pneumatic clamp, ejector and vacuum function for welding tooling action;

6. I/O page for machine intime stage supervision;

7. Alarm display show machine error to guide machine problem shooting, alarm history for further checking;

8. Operator authorization management with password;

9. Machine operation daily record for equipment maintenance management.

10. Optical fence and safety door applied for human safety protection;

11. Machine set back to home-position by one touch operation

II. Paid Optional Features:

1. Automatic Front Door;

2. Heating temperature PLC module control;

3. Vacuum pump;

4. MES system for network and I-could remote service;

5. SPC system by industrial computer;

6. Auto jig loading system.

III. Benefit

1. Long machine duration in stability and mechanical precision;

2. High welding ability in good jointing result;

3. High welding control precision;

4. Easy operation and convenient management;

IV. Specification

Model Code: MSH-6550



Power Supply380V 50HZ

Jigs Plate660*420mm

Machine ControlHMI

Hot Tooling Plate660*400mm

Max Power24KW

Max Welding Area600*400mm

Control VoltageDC24V

Optical Fence Protect Height440mm

Temp Zone: 2+2

Upper Jig Move Distance350mm

Sensor Detection Distance38mm

Lower Jig Move Distance300mm

Working Condition

Hot Platen Move Distance450mm

Air Supply0.5--0.7Mpa

Air Supply PipeФ12

Max humidity≤80%RH

Paid Option

Auto Jig Loading System

SPC UPS Vacuum Pump

Room Temp-10--60℃