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Tail Lamp Viration Welder

Automotive Lighting Vibration welding machine

Automotive Lighting Vibration welding machine


MP Sonic Automotive Lighting Vibration welding machine is specially designed for vehicle tail lamps mostly with two specification models, MSV-HF830 & MSV-SF830. MSV-HF830 is in frequency max to 280Hz while MSV-SF830 is in frequency max to 365Hz. Machine is designed with vibration loading ability for upper fixture weight max to 100KG. Machine specification design is available for double cavities welding and run-through tail light with length max to 1600mm.

Normally, the geometric shape of tail lamps is complex for the flexible and unique automotive design, especially the slop of the welding area is the most challenge to welding. As well the molding deformation of lamp housing or lens brings more difficulty in welding. MP Sonic MSV-HF830 / MSV-SF830 can realize the excellent welding to tail lamps, especially run-through tail lamp which is difficult to welding by hot platen or normal vibration welding technology with high frequency system, precision control and big operation space.

I. Main Features:

    1. High vibration frequency realizes welding in short vibration amplitude, especially 365Hz vibration system can provide enough energy for welding when the amplitude is minimum to 0.2mm, which is the good choice for the complex geometric design, especially good for the design with high slop against vibration direction or design in limit space for vibration amplitude.

    2. Orbit motion for special parts design. Orbit motion is controlled by servo motor system with high precision control and in fast motion which is programmable.

    3. MP Sonic specially designed servo hydraulic station system with close-loop circuit is applied to control the base jig bed motion and force welding for arbitrary-Precision in welding depth and welding clamp pressure.

    4. I/O port for the sensors detection of part presence and parts correct loading;

    5. Pneumatic motion system for the correction of the loading position of parts, clamps, ejectors, etc;

    6. Vacuum circuit design for upper jigs to hold lens during welding;

    7. Tooling change-over system for easy welding tooling change-over;

    8. All features of MSV-LS series vibration welding machine.

II. Optional Feature:

1. Pure servo system for lower jig bed control: zero hydraulic oil consumption and environment friendly;

2. Infrared system for hybrid welding;

3. Customized traceability system.

IV. Benefit:

1. High welding possibility, especially for the welding with slop max to 40.

2. High welding ability, machine vibration loading for upper jig with max to 100KG, and the space is enough for double cavities welding of most tail lamp size. The length of fixture plate max to 1900mm which can realize the welding of run-through tail light in almost all size for automotive.

3. Operation with multiple accessibility can easy realize the welding to lamps in challenging geometric shape design;

4. Problem free with easy maintenance;

5. Easy realize the management to equipment and production.

IV. Critical Specification Parameters

Model Code



Frequency Max.



Amplitude (mm)



Vibration Loading Ability

Max. 100KG

Drive Platen/Upper (mm):

1490 * W480

Lift Table Size (mm):

L1780 * W720

Table Stroke -Max.


Clearance for Welding Jig -Max.

1200∼1500 mm

Table Speed

 250 mm/s

Clamp Force

32.5 kN

Vibratio Head Height Adjustment Max.

300 mm

Power Source

380V, AC, 3P, 50/60Hz

Air Source


Overall Dimension

2980 * W1800 * H2925



Sound pressure level

<80 dB