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Vibration Welder Hybrid Series

Vibration Welder Hybrid Series


MSV-Hybrid Series is vibration welding machine equipped with IR system for pre-heating material before vibration welding. Machine applies MP Sonic high frequency vibration system, which achieves vibration frequency max to 280Hz, vibration amplitude range 0.5~1.8mm.

Machine applies servo hydraulic system to force welding and control motion distance with close-loop control. Machine infrared tooling motion is controlled by servo motor in fast speed and stability. MP Sonic intelligent operation system is equipped with machine fit for complex and multiple management on equipment and production.

MSV-Hybrid Series vibration welder is designed aiming for welding vibration challenging requirement, especially for welding requests control of replacement flush/burr/cleaning welding, as well as challenging material, such as PC welding. Machine is specially good for automotive lamp welding.

I Features:

1. Auto frequency tuning system by one touch button on HMI.

Benefit: easy, convenient and quick frequency tooling when loading new welding tooling.

2. Amp inspection circuit: inspect actual vibration condition for close-loop control.

Benefit: Accurate vibration control to ensure welding performance and stability.

3. Vibration quick stop: stop vibration by magnetic brake at once amplifier stop working.

Benefit: Avoid over friction and ensure parts motion stop at the initial position, achieving high welding precision control.

4. Welding 8 steps control: Welding process divided max to 8 steps set on HMI, the clamp force, vibration time, amplitude or depth can be independently adjusted.

Benefit: Fit for different parts design or material characteristics.

5. Vibration welding can be controlled by time mode or depth mode.

Benefit: Fit for different parts design or material characteristics.

6. IR control system: Machine equipped with IR system to pre-heat material at  welding area before vibration welding. IR power adapter control IR temperature by voltage adjustment. System is I/O module controlled and set on HMI.

The motion of IR tooling is controlled by servo motor for fast and precision motion.

Benefit: Achieve clean vibration friction welding and better melting flush condition, achieve perfect welding result.

7. MP Sonic specially designed servo hydraulic system: the lower jig bed (table) motion is forced by servo controlled hydraulic system, equipped with condenser for oil cooling.

Benefit: A. Fast motion; B. Precision control; C. High torque for strong welding lamp force; D. Low noise; E. Lower power consumption because system stop working when table no need to move; F. Enhance oil life 1~1.5 times (2~2.5 times of normal oil life time used in normal hydraulic system).

BALLUF linear sensor is applied to check actual motion distance of lower jig bed.

Benefit: Close-loop control lower jig bed motion to ensure precision welding depth resulted.

8. Pneumatic solenoid valves for welding tooling action: for sliding jig clamp, pneumatic clip, claw, ejector, etc, which forced by pneumatic cylinders. The action is programmable on HMI.

Benefit: Fit for operation sequency requirement according to different parts geometric shape design, especially for some complex parts design, achieving easy operation, stable parts holding, welding area supporting, etc.

9. Vacuum circuits: applies vacuum generator in SMC brand to hold parts firmly in upper jig. Digital gauge is applied to set and show vacuum pressure.

Benefit: A. Stable and quick action; B. quiet with no noise; C. Lower power  consumption.

10. Part detection: I/O ports for sensor detect parts presentation or precision location. It is programmable on HMI for different operation.

Benefit: Avoid welding operation with parts missing, or ensure parts loading in right position, achieving precision part assembly.

11. Safety protection system all around:

A. Including Optical fence at side of operation window;

B. Automatic front door controlled by pneumatic cylinder;

C. Safety door (sensor detected) at rear side and control cabinet;

D. Three-color-lamp tower;

E. E-stop buttons;

F. Alarm systems.

   Benefit: Protect human safety at site and equipment or others property all around.

12.Ball bearings for tooling change-over: applies ball bears on lower jig bed for easy shift welding jigs by hand during tooling loading or unloading.

Benefit: For easy tooling change-over operation, especially for welding tooling in big measurement or weight.

13. Interlock mechanical system connecting tooling trolley with vibration welding machine during jig loading or unloading to ensure human or device safety.

Benefit: Easy and safety tooling loading and unloading.

14. Intelligent operation system:

A. Automatic operation supervision page: Dashboard design, showing the master data of present operation cycle.

B. Manual operation page: for

C. Vibration start point automatic searching system;

D. Tooling change over mode;

E. Intime output dynamic graphic supervision of welding cycle;

F. Programmable welding process;

G. Machine initial setting;

H. Tooling weight and weight center inspection;

I. Formula system;

J. Welding record;

K. Welding judgement;

L. I/O state page to supervise machine manner;

M. Alarm system with history record for further check;

N. Multiple level authorization password management;

O. Machine operation daily record;

P. Data output: download by USB, to computer or print by mini printer

Q. Language: Chinese, English, Russian, Italian, or others specified (requests customer assist in translation for some local language).

Benefit: A. Easy operation; B. Easy setting; C. Accurate control; D. Fit for complex operation demand or parts design; E. Fit for complex management of production & QC; F. Easy for equipment maintenance and management.

15. MES system:

   A. Connect machine with network by WIFI or by Ethernet

   B. Network working cooperation with factory for easy management;

   C. APP operation control;

   D. PC. Control:

   E. Remote service by I-Cloud.

 Benefit: A. Easy for unified planning & management of production and equipment; B. Help for intelligent production and management; C. High efficiency in management, maintenance and service; D. Intime equipment and production supervision; E. Fast problem shoot, lower service and maintenance cost; F. Save source, especially data storage space.

II. Optional Feature:

1.      SF super-high frequency system

Benefit: High welding ability & possibility, stable welding peformance (read more about SF Technology);

2.      SPC by Industrial computer

Benefit: Meeting for more complex management requirement.

IV. Specification:





Vibration Head

Weight upper tool

105 Kg

70 Kg

40 Kg

Welding ability to PP

850 ㎠

650 ㎠

400 ㎠

Amplitude(peak to peak)




Spring Quantity


4 PCs

Magnetic Quantity


2 Pairs

1 Pairs


Machine Size L*W*H (mm)



2605 *1940*2290

Front Doow W*H (mm)




Drive Platen/UPR L*W (mm)




Lift Table Size L*W (mm)




Table stroke/Max.

650 mm

500 mm

Hight Cleanrance Jigs (mm)



Table speed

 250 mm/s

Clamp force

25.5 KN

18.5 KN


Hydraulic System

Servo Pump (oil Pump is Sunny Brand)


 ≈6,600 kg

 ≈5,500 kg

 ≈4,000 kg

Sound pressure level



Main voltage(3P)/In put


Power consumption




Maximum Power/Out Put



24.6 Kw

Control Voltage

DC 24V