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Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder

Ultrasonic Wire Harness Splicer

Ultrasonic Wire Harness Splicer

MSP-JS2032-A is an ultrasonic metal welding machine for metal wire harness splicing. Machine applies MP Sonic ultrasonic metal welding system in 20KHz 3200W in stability. MP Sonic intelligent operation system provides machine with multiple function.

Machine welding ability max to 40mm2 on copper wire.

I. Machine Features:
1. In time frequency searching and tunning;
2. Ultrasonic compensation in time;
3. Settable ultrasonic amplitude on HMI;
4. Welding mode can be selected from Energy mode & time mode;
5. System test mode is designed for welding tooling change-over;
6. Graph is designed to check machine output during welding process;
7. Formula system is equipped to store welding parameters;
8. History system is design for welding record and alarm record;

9. Alarm system is designed to display error content.

II. Operational Feature:

1. Welding Depth Control System.

2. MES system for joining with factory management network.

III. Benefit:

1. High welding ability;
2. High stability;
3. High precision;
4. Intelligent operation system with multiple function for management demand;

5. Stable wire formed by precision clamp.

IV. Specification Parameters;

1. Model: MSP-JS2032-A
2. Power Source: 220V AC 1P 50/60Hz;
3. Air Source: 0.5~0.8MPa;
4. Ultrasonic Frequency: 20KHz;
5. Ultrasonic Power: 3200W;
6. Machine Dimension: L65*W34*H80 (mm);
7. Generator Dimension: L46*W36*H24 (mm).

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