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Vibration Welding Machine

Vibration Welder - LS Series 285Hz

Vibration Welder - LS Series 285Hz


MSV-LS series medium vibration welders cover vibration welding machine with upper fixture loading ability from 15~70KG. Machine applies vibration system in MP Sonic Brand in frequency max to 285Hz. Machine is applied to weld parts in challenging geometric design and thermoplastic material as well as challenging requirement in welding result.

Machine applies servo hydraulic system to force welding in high clamp pressure, welding depth is precision controlled by close-loop system.

Machine is mostly applied for manufacturing of automotive parts and house appliance.

I. Main Features:

1. Automatic frequency tuning;

2. Welding mode selected from time mode & depth mode;

3. 8 Steps welding process control with independent parameters setting;

4. Automatic welding page dashboard design display abundant intime welding data for easy reading;

5. Welding process dynamic graphic display provide supervision of each welding cycle to control welding quality;

6. Formula system for different welding parameters storage;

7. Pneumatic control system for welding features-sliding blocks, clamps, clips, ejectors, etc;

8. Vacuum system for suction pads to hold parts;

9. Programmable welding tooling action;

10. Manual page is designed to adjust machine and welding tooling;

11. PLC port is remained for parts/welding tooling detection;

12. Machine initial setting for machine operation system;

13. Welding result judgement system basing on machine actual output during welding;

14. I/O page displays machine intime state, being the guidance of machine problem shooting;

15. Alarm record system with error message display;

16. Automatic motion detection system is designed to search and load the welding tooling height for starting vibration oscillation;

17. MP Sonic specially design servo hydraulic system with advantages of high speed, high precision, high stability lower power consumption and low noise, as well, special condensing system is designed to enhance hydraulic oil life time;

18. Operation daily record form equipment management;

19. Authorization system for different operators by password

20. MES system for network and emote service by I-cloud;

21. Machine record data can be downloaded for baup;

22. Safety protection system including optical fence, safety door, high voltage protection, alarm system, etc;

II. Optional Features:

1. SPC by industrial computer;

2. Vacuum pump system;

3. Servo Control;

4. Welding tooling trolley coupling;

5. Ball bearing for easy tooling change-over;

6. Tooling change-over mode;

III. Benefit:

1. MP Sonic power enhanced vibration system, high frequency and power output, achieving high welding strength and airtightness;

2. High stability and high precision, fit for challenging requirement in welding result;

3. Welding ability to challenging plastic material;

4. Intelligent operation system for convenience of production management and equipment management;

5. Short welding cycle time, lower power consumption, economical cost in machine application and maintenance.

IX. Specification:



MSV-715 LS



Vibration Head

Weight upper tool

70 Kg

55 Kg

40 Kg

30 Kg

Welding ability to PP

450 ㎠

280 ㎠

200 ㎠

160 ㎠

Amplitude(peak to peak)




Spring Quantity

4 PCs

Magnetic Quantity

2 Pairs

1 Pairs


Machine Dimension L*W*H (mm)


2605 *1286*2290

Operation Window W*H (mm)



Drive Platen/UPR L*W (mm)



Lift Table Size L*W (mm)



Table stroke/Max.

500 mm

500 mm

Max Height Space for Jigs (mm)


Table speed

 250 mm/s

Clamp force

25.5 KN

18.5 KN


12.5 KN

Hydraulic System

Servo Pump (oil Pump is Sunny Brand)


 ≒6,000 kg

 ≒5,500 kg

 ≒4,000 kg

 ≒3,800 kg

Sound pressure level



Main voltage(3P)/In put


Power consumption

47 KVA


23 KVA

18 KVA

Maximum Power/Out Put

30 Kw

23 Kw

15 Kw

10 Kw

Control Voltage

DC 24V