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Ultrasonic Application

The Application of Ultrasonic in Products Assembling Production

 by Alex Lee     Mob/Wechat/WhatsApp: +86-15918523336

        For the application in assembling production in industries, normally it applies frequency from 15KHz to 50KHz for welding or cutting to plastic material or metal material under pressure with the ultrasonic oscillation energy.

I. ultrasonic plastic welding mostly as below:
1. Ultrasonic welding: jointing two plastic parts together with designed welding line by ultrasonic oscillation energy;
2. Ultrasonic spot welding: two pieces of plastic material laying together while ultrasonic tooling punctures on and through one plastic parts and transmits to the other parts to melt parts material to form welding;
3. Ultrasonic stacking: also called ultrasonic riveting, which design plastic robber on one plastic parts and hole on other parts at the relative position. The locate the rob trough the hole and press ultrasonic tooling onto the robber to form riveting to buckle up two parts together;
4. Ultrasonic forming: for plastic material into shape through melting material by ultrasonic tooling under pressure;
5. Ultrasonic inserting: insert metal parts (such as metal nuts) into plastic hole by ultrasonic oscillation;

6. Ultrasonic cutting/punching: cut or punch plastic parts by ultrasonic tooling.

1. Spot Welding: Oscillation system for spot welding can be divided into longtitudinal oscillation system, bending oscillation system and torsional oscillation system, according the wave pole oscillation condition. Normally, the torsional oscillation is applied for ring welding. Most metal spot welding applies longtitudinal oscillation.
2.Rolling Welding: Rolling welding generally applies bending oscillation system. The diameter of welding pad will fix the wave length.
The most application of rolling welding to metal by ultrasonic: solar cell, flat solar panel, aluminum-plastic composite tube, copper panel, aluminum panel, etc.
3. Harness Welding: Presently, it is applied for: wire harness for automotive, wire terminal moulding, wire mutual welding, multiple wire welding together into wire lug, copper wire and aluminum wire conversion, etc.
4. Cutting & Sealing: Ultrasonic cutting & sealing machine mostly used for: refrigerators and air-conditioner; cutting & sealing vacuum parts made of copper or aluminum.