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MP Sonic has set R&D teams and laboratories in both China and Korea focusing in the develop and research procedures and technology for industrial production, solving the problem met by customer during their production and meeting their new requirement day after day. MP Sonic R&D teams including:
1. MP Sonic Korean Center under lead of Mr.Park, focused in the R&D of electronics;
2. MP Sonic China (CNZHENBO Team) under lead of Eason Zhang, focused in mechanical design and R&D in automation of industrial production;
3. Cooperation center with Kunming University of Science and Technology Center under the lead of Dr. Liu Jianxiong, taking charge of the development of agricultural machine for Zhenbo.
With MP Sonic team, you can be offered with advanced technical support to solve different difficulty or problem met in your production, and can gain the newest technology to develop your own production procedure, as well as improve your production management. 

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