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Dashboard Vibration Welding Machine

Super Size Vibration Welder - LS Series 150Hz

Super Size Vibration Welder - LS Series 150Hz

MSV-830LS & MSV-930 are linear vibration welder designed by MP Sonic in supervision specification for thermoplastic jointing in challenging measurement. Machine applies MP Sonic Lower frequency vibration system in frequency of 150Hz, which achieves vibration amplitude max to 3.8mm.
Machine applies servo hydraulic system with double hydraulic cylinders to force welding. The height of vibration heads is adjustable to meet different size of welded parts. Orbital system is designed to meet complex thermoplastic geometric shape design.
MP Sonic super-size linear vibration welding machine is designed for the welding of plastic parts in super-size. It is mostly applied in automotive manufacturing industry, aerospace equipment manufacturing industry, etc. With the advantages of high welding ability, vibration welder MSV-830LS & MSV-930LS are especially applied for welding the dashboard (instrument panel), air channel, safety bag bracket, door panel, truck, Chair, etc. 
I. Features:
    A. All features of linear vibration welding machine MSV-LS series;
    B. Adjustable vibration height:
    Benefit: a. Capable for welding parts in super-height; b. Can adjust the vibration head height lower to reduce table motion time to reduce cycle time when weld parts in short height.
    C. Orbital system for lower welding jig motion:
    Benefit: Operation possibility for parts in complex geometric design, such as IP system of automotive.
II. Optional Features:
    A. Pure electric servo system to control operation table;
    B. IR (infrared) pre-heating system for hybrid welding;
    C. Industry computer for SPC system and MES system.
III. Benefit of Specification: supervise specification with high welding ability, capable for plastic welding in challenging measurement and geometric design, such as IP assembly of automotive, door panel of automotive, etc.
IV. Specification:




Vibration Head

Vibration Loading for Upper Jig Weight

200 kg

150 kg

Welding Area (approx. / for PP)

650  ㎠

550  ㎠


Machine Size (mm):

L3480 * W1800 * H2925

2980 * W1800 * H2925

Drive Platen/Upper (mm):

L1990 * W480

1490 * W480

Lift Table Size/Lower (mm):

L2300 * W700

L1780 * W720

Table Stroke -Max.


Clearance for Welding Jig -Max.

1200∼1500 mm

Vibration Head Height adjustment Max.

300 mm


Electrical Cabinet Size (mm)

L450 *W1800 *H2060

Main voltage(3P)/In put


Welding Control


Step for Welding

8 Steps

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