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Portable Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Handheld Ultrasonic Welder

Handheld Ultrasonic Welder


MSP-GL3512 & MSP-GI3512 are two type handheld ultrasonic welder. MSP-GL3512 applies welding gun handle in L shape while MSP-GI3512 applies welding gun handle in I shape.

MP Sonic portable ultrasonic welding machine applies anti-resonance system design, with advantages of high loading ability and stable performance. Machine is mostly applied for ultrasonic spot welding, ultrasonic stacking (riveting) and ultrasonic cutting (read more). And it also can be installed on customized machine line to realize automatic welding or cutting process with ultrasonic principle.

I. Benefit

  • Stable in performance;
  • Strong in welding ability;
  • Reliable in quality;
  • Intelligent in operation.

II. Main Features

1. Operated on HMI with digital control.

2. Two ultrasonic control modes for operation selection.

3.  Welding process control: three steps.

4.  Adjustable amplitude.

5. Impedance analysis system.

6. Multiple self-protection.

7. time dynamic technical compensation

8. MP Sonic Intelligent Operation system, including:

  •  Fomula System
  •  Welding Process Dynamic Supervision
  •  Welding Record System;
  •  Alarm Record System
  •  Equipment Operation Daily Record
  •  Tri-level Authorization Management 

III. Feature Show

Intelligent Ultrasonic Welding System

IV. Types of Welding Gun

Ultrsonic Handgun

V. Specification

1. Power Source: 220VAC1P50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.3MPa;

3. Frequency: 35KHz;

4. Power Output: 1200W Peak Value1500W);

5. Generator Size: 260mm*470mm*124mm

6. Weight: 7.6KG.

VI. Delivery Content

Portable Ultrasonic Welder