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Double Station Hot Plate Welding Machine

Double Servo Hot Plate Welder MSH-5030S

Double Servo Hot Plate Welder MSH-5030S


Double servo hot plate welding machine MSH-5020S DS Machine is double station designed basing on specification of MSH-5030S for high operation capacity. Machine action is controlled by servo motor systems. one operator is requests to operate two welding station in turn.

Machine welding area is 300*260mm, mostly for small parts welding, such as oil filter housing, showerhead, etc.

I. Machine feature:

  Refer to MSH-5030S

II. Benefit:

  1. Precision motion control;

  2. Stable welding performance;

  3. High production capacity;

  4. Efficiency in human labor operation.

III. Technical Specification:

Machine specification


Power Supply380V 50HZ


Machine ControlHMI

Upper Jig Plate450*300mm

Hot Mould Plate340*260mm

Max Power19KW

Max Welding Area300*260mm

Control VoltageDC24V

Optical Fence Protect High440mm

Air Tank10L

Upper Jig Move Distance250mm

Sensor Detection Distance3--8mm

Lower Jig Move Distance250mm

Working Condition

Hot Platen Move Distance300mm

Air Supply0.5--0.7Mpa

Air Supply PipeФ12

Max humidity≤80%RH

Optional: Temp Control Module

Optical Fence        Air Gun

Room Temp-10--60℃