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Bumper Punching & Welding

Bumper of car normally including front bumper and rear bumper, which is as the car trim covering the crash beam of car. For lightweight design to save energy, normally it is made of PP. Pumper normally is injection molded and sometimes painted for better outlook. Depends on car design, many bumpers are installed with radars or fog lamps normally, thus after molding injection, bumper normally requested process for attached radar bracket or fog bracket. Here this article will talk about the process for radars’ bracket.

I. Material:

II. Process procedures requested: punching and welding;
III. Challenge: 1. Protection to surface A; 2. Big deformation of injection moulding.
IV. Solution: A. cold punching forced by high pressure (thickness over than 3mm or punching before painting); B. Ultrasonic punching forced by servo system for high punching result, especially punching after painting; C. Ultrasonic spot welding for radar bracket attaching.

V. Machine recommend:
MSZ-US35 Series Bumper Punching & Welding Machine

VI. Machine construction design: 
    A. double stations designs with automatic sliding indexing; 
    B. The inner station is for hold punching, the outer station is for welding and loading/unloading.
VII. Machine main feature:
    A. Punching by booster-pneumatic cylinder or ultrasonic (optional);
    B. Ultrasonic spot welding by 35~40KHz ultrasonic system;
    C. MP Sonic intelligent operation.
VIII. Benefit:
    A. Custom made machine with standard module, fit for projects special requirement in stability;
    B. Perfect punching and welding result;
    C. Ergonomic machine design;
    D. Intelligent operation providing multiple function fit for complex demand of management.

IX. Image of projects:

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