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Robotic Ultrasonic Weakening for SAG

To optimize the passengers’ experience in vehicle, it is popularity to apply soft lamination onn for inner trim of vehicle, especially for upscale cars. While SAG is an essential and key system on automotive for passenger safety. It concerned to the passenger’s life when automotive suffer from accident, especially strong hitting. To ensure the SAG pop up fluky when vehicle suffer in hitting, it has to weaken the lamination material covering at the SAG installation location.

Ultrasonic Weakening to DashboardI. Material to be weakened: lamination material (artificial leather), such as TPO, TPU, PVC, PU foam, etc.
II. Critical of Weakening: the process depth of weakening;

III. Challenging: the process precision control;

IV. Traditional Weakening method: cold blade, laser or water jet; 
V. New weakening technology: ultrasonic cutting;

VI. Motion control: 6-axile robot in high precision control;

VII. Benefit form ultrasonic cutting comparing tradition method:
A. Comparing laser weakening: low cost and no charring to material;
B. Comparing to water jet: easy to control the weakening volume and not need to dry after process (high efficiency), as well as low cost;

C. Comparing to normal cold blade weakening: stability and excellent process result.

IX: Equipment applied for weakening process: robotic ultrasonic process station MSZ-U3512-1450 series. (Read Machine Specification)

Ultrasonic Dashboard Weakenking Machine

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