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Washer Balancer Welding & Liquid Filling

Spin welding is the best method to be applied to weld washer balancer because of its advantages of stability welding performance, high welding qualification rate, high production efficiency. As well it can add automatic liquid filling system which is help to simplify the balance assembling process, reducing labors and equipment invested.

Washer balancer is the system keeping washer drum in balance during rotation. To ensure enough centrifugal force during rotating, salt solution in a fixed concentration need to keep inside of balancer, thus it requests airtight welding to balancer.

Washer Balancer Welder

I. Main information of balancer:

   1. Material: normally is PP;

   2. Diameter: normally 260~480(mm);

   3. Moulding Method: injection molding.

II. Requirement to Balancer:

    1. Airtightness in welding;

    2. Uniform in volume of solution inside balancer for certain weight;

    3. Uniform in concentration of solution for certain weight;

    4. Welding strength to balancer, anti-oscillation.

III. Challenging of Balance Assembly Production:

    1. Big diameter of balancer result in high rotation tneratia of spindle jig;

    2. Big deformation and shrinkage difference of balancer parts molding brings complex problem is parts alignment; 

    3. The causticity of solution to equipment imapct machine duration and reliability.

IV.  Welding Method for Balancer:

     A. Three steps process: hot plate welding + Solution Filling + Ultrasonic Sealing, with three machines;

    B. Automatic Solution Filling + Spin Welding, with only one machine.

V. Benefit from Spin Welding + Solution Filling:

    1. High welding efficiency by spindle welding. Spin welding cycle time is less than 1/3 of hot plate welding (hot plate welding cycle time is 30~40S);

    2. Stability in welding performance and high welding qualification rate, machine realize the correct the parts deformation for alignment measurement with high pressure which can not be realize by during hot plate melting;

    3. Fills solution before balance welding, no need to seal the hole after solution which it has to if weld by hot platen, the production efficiency is higher (total cycle time is around 20S), as well the investigation into labor and equipment is much lower.

VIII. Equipment Suggested: Washer Balancer Spin Welding & Liquid Filling Machine MSP-S15BS35-2F (Read Machine Specification)

Washer Balancer Welding & Liquid Filling Machine

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IX. What Support Can Get from MP Sonic:

1. Washer balancer design analysis and joining design support to ensure welding result;

2. Technical proposal and standard from MP Sonic for washer balancer production;

3. Machine customized design with certain specification;

4. Samples test and result analysis.

5. Technical support and service in daily production.